My method:

My style and techniques are all about creating bright, clean and inviting images of every room I photograph.

Each one of my interior images is a combination of multiple exposures – I take a few frames with just the ambient light (from dark to bright) and then several using my lights. I light different areas of the room to create the most natural and inviting light – ensuring every room is shown in the most appealing way.

I then manually combine typically 5-10 exposures in Photoshop to create the final image.

The gallery on the right shows three images: the first is an ambient exposure, the second one of my flashed frames (using a 500W light and a 6ft umbrella to light just part of this gigantic room). The third is the final image – a combination of many flash frames, each one of me lighting another area of the room.

+ Who am I?

I am a specialist photographer providing images to estate agents and homeowners across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire and sometimes Oxfordshire!

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+ Why should you use Oliver Grahame Photography?

Prospective buyers are becoming more and more dependent on the internet to browse the multitude of potential homes. So it is becoming increasingly important for your property to stand out from the rest and draw viewers in.

As property agents you are showing off your properties as well as possible. If you have superior photos that are bright, clean and crisp - you will stand out from everyone else.

It is my job to get more people to view your properties online, by providing inviting images, which in turn will lead to more people contacting you.

+ Pricing

Although my style, and the techniques I use, result in high end photography, I still price myself extremely competitively for estate agents.

I have flat rate prices for Cheltenham, Cirencester and Worcester properties and I charge per photo for properties outside of those locations.

Please get in touch for information.

+ Turnaround time

For properties, I can usually make bookings a couple of days in advance and I typically deliver finished images in 24 hours.

+ Technical Info

I provide the images to you by sending an email with a Dropbox folder included. I include the images in two different sizes as standard – full size and “web sized”.

The full sized images are very large and should be used for printing, the web sized images are smaller and best for uploading to websites. I can also provide specific sizes or aspect ratios if necessary.

By law I own the copyright at all times to the photographs, By paying me I issue a license for you and your agency to use the images. When you sell the property, I don’t mind you sending the images to the property owners, however the images must not be given to another estate agent – the images are copyrighted and only your company is allowed to use them.

+ Weather scheduling

I will always try and arrange the shoots when the weather forecast is best. Though, this being England, this can be hard to predict.

If the weather is poor on the day of the shoot it is generally up to the vendor to decide, since they will know what the actual conditions are like at their location.

For exterior shots I can replace cloudy skies for blue ones, and brighten up the scene, though I cannot recreate a view when the visibility is poor.

For interior shots, it doesn’t matter if it is dark and dull inside the property as I always create my own light. Though for rural properties with excellent views, it may be best to reschedule for a clearer day with more visibility.

I was asked to photograph a residential property for sale just outside of Worcester.

This video shows the 215 images I took over 2 hours, and the final 26 images.

What I do differently.

As well as the standard property photos which are composed to show of the shape and layout of a room, I also create “detail” shots when there is a specific feature that is worth showing off, such as a fireplace or a stunning view...

These shots can really help sell the character of the property to potential viewers and can be a key selling point. You can see some examples of these types of images below:

I can also be hired to create special twilight exteriors of a property. This is where I will spend 30 minutes to an hour, just after sunset, taking a series of exposures – many of them with me lighting the property and surrounding areas. The result is a unique image that draw far more attention to the property than a standard daytime exterior.