"My rooms are quite dark and so they don't photograph well"

I'm often told that by clients when we first meet - but in reality it is only half true. Interiors are dark, at least for cameras, even on a bright sunny day. In the examples below you can see how dark the image is, when the I have set the camera expose for the window view I want. Yet with each, the final images are nice and bright -  with a soft, yet directional light creating an inviting mood.

This is my style of photography and I have an array of lighting equipment, and experience, to create such images in whatever room I need to shoot - and you can read some of my testimonials to back that up!

+ What to expect with professional photography

When you need great photography to present your work or accommodation to the rest of the world then you have to hire a specialist photographer to capture the space exactly how you see it.

The first stage of creating beautiful images is the planning. We will have a discussion on what you would like to have photographed; what the building is used for and how you would like it to be presented, then we will talk about the specific shots that you need.

The next crucial stage is licensing (see below). The way you will use your images (which advertising media, where and for how long) determines the cost of photography, so we can talk through this and I will explain what the license means and how you may use the images.

A scouting visit can be helpful, though is not essential, as it allows us to decide on the best compositions and design features we need to focus on. We can decide on the shot list and number of images required.

Once I know all the above information I can put together a quote and then arrange the shoot day. This can be weather dependent but don’t worry, I charge you nothing if we have to re-arrange due to our temperamental British weather.

Before the shoot I can guide you through how to stage and prepare the site in order to create the best possible images, but if you ever need any help or advice I am always happy to talk to you.

+ Pricing

As each shoot is tailored to you and how you would like to use the images please contact me so that I can give you an estimate. Just tell me the images you need and how you want to use them, and I can provide you a quote including all expected expenses – so there are no hidden fees for you to find out later when the invoice comes!

My fees itemised into four parts (shown in all my estimates, quotes or invoices). These are:

(1) Photography and travel time combined - half or full day rate
(2) Editing time - half or full day rate
(3) Expenses (e.g. mileage @ £0.45/mile)
(4) Licensing.

This is an important aspect to professional photography and one that, in the UK at least, is not typically known and understood.

By law (the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988) I own the copyright at all times to the photographs. Once my fees have been paid, I issue a license (see below) for you and your company to use the images in the agreed manor.

The following is quoted from The Association of Photographers Ltd Copyright 4 Clients. “Broadly-speaking, like all other forms of creative endeavour, professional photographers make their living by licensing the use of their work not by selling it outright, in the same way that if you buy a piece of music, you buy the rights to play that music for yourself – you don’t own it outright. This is an important distinction and a source of confusion for some who may think that as they’ve paid the photographer, they own the photographs and can do with them as they like”

+ Licensing

Copyright and licensing can often be a source of misunderstanding so, for the avoidance of any doubt, I will always try and talk you through it all in the early stages.

Generally speaking; my work is normally used online (either on a company’s website, or social media) and so I include this usage as standard, for several years – additional usage, such as use in a publication like ‘Cotswold Life’ is only charged if required.

For more information on licensing and calculating fees, please click here to read an explanation from The Association of Photographers Ltd.

+ Technical Info

I will provide the images to you (as JPEG files) by sending an email with a Dropbox folder included. The images will be provided in two optimised sets, one for online use “Web-Sized” and the other “Full Sized” in 300dpi for printing. I will also post a USB drive for you to keep.

I normally keep the files uploaded on Dropbox for about a week. If you ever need any specific sizes or aspect ratios I can always provide that to you. I can always re-upload the images for you, or send another USB should you require it.

I'm fully insured with Products and Public liability, as well as Professional Indemnity.

+ Weather scheduling

I always try and arrange the shoots when the weather forecast is best. Though, this being England, this can be hard to predict.

If the weather is poor on the day of the shoot we can discuss this before we leave for the location.

For exterior shots I can replace cloudy skies for blue ones, and brighten up the scene, though I cannot recreate a view when the visibility is poor.

For interior shots, it doesn’t matter if it is dark and dull inside the property as I always create my own light. Though for rural locations with excellent views, it may be best to reschedule for a clearer day with more visibility.

+ Prints

If you would like a high quality printed book to keep and share I can provide that for you, as well as any prints of your favourite images to display around your office.

Additionally, I love to do landscape photography. So, if you want to add some artwork to your walls I can provide that as well. I might even have some photos of the local area too so just ask and I will look through my collections. You can see some of my personal work here.